Class Info

Pre School Dance Class (Kinver) Ages 2-4:
Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz moves set to funky music & sing-a-long songs, with the use of some props.

Baby class from 3 years old:
Tap & Ballet presented in a creative and fun way, with the use of some props

Preparatory class from 5 years old:
Ballet, Tap & funky Modern Jazz for Bridgnorth & Gymnastics for Highley. Pupils prepare for their first exams in Ballet & Tap in this class.

Primary and Grades:
It is recommended that where possible, pupils take all 3 subjects, Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz/Gymnastics. This gives a good all round base.

Pointe Work:
This is offered to girls in Grade 4 Ballet and above. Time is taken to strengthen and prepare the feet and secure the techinque before pointe shoes are allowed to be purchased.

Please ensure that pupils are correctly dressed for class. Uniform order forms are available from Jodie. Hair should be neatly tied back and out of the way. Parents are encouraged to wait in the foyer once children are happy. Please also encourage your child to go to the toilet before class.

Where to Find Us

Bridgnorth Community Hall, Severn Street , Low Town, Bridgnorth, WV15 6BB
(Located opposite the Job Centre)

Severn Centre, Bridgnorth Road, Highley, WV16 6JG

The Scout Hut, Kinver Scout Camp, The Compa, Kinver, DY7 6HR


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